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How to Fix a Mistake on a Previous Row

It's that sinking feeling...

You know the one, when you’re knitting along and everything’s going great, or so you think. Then you notice that a few (or a lot) rows ago, there’s one little stitch that was knit instead of purled, or vice versa. But wait! Before you rip everything out, there’s a simpler way! Watch the video and read on. You’ll soon be fixing mistakes like a pro. Because even pros make mistakes.

1. Without a Crochet Hook

When all you have are the knitting needles you’re already using, don’t despair! You don’t have to wait to get a crochet hook or anything else. You can fix that mistake right then and there. The sample swatch I’m using to demonstrate is seed stitch, so I’m doing alternating knits and purls.

To knit, without a crochet hook:

1. Once you’ve dropped the stitches all the way to the mistake,

2. place the live stitch and bottom-most leg onto the left needle.

3. Knit, picking up the leg and

4. pull it through.

To purl, without a crochet hook:

To purl one of the dropped stitches, get the coordinating leg and bring it to the front of the active stitch. Then bring the stitch up to the left-hand needle and simply purl it, picking up that loose leg as the new stitch.

With a Crochet Hook:

If you do have a crochet hook handy, you’re really in luck, because the crochet hook method is even easier and faster. Start the same way, by carefully dropping the stitches down until you reach the stitch in question.


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