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Mattress Stitch Tutorial

Updated: Mar 19

I’m beginning a new series on making stuffed animals. I think knitting plushies is a great way to expand your skills and learn some new techniques without the pressure or investment of making, say, a sweater. And yet, a lot of knitters are intimidated by the thought because there are so many things you have to do beyond actually knitting.

Not Just for Toys

I’m going to walk you through some of the techniques for finishing these little toys and making them extra cute. First up is the mattress stitch! You won’t need this for every toy, but if you’re making my fox pattern, you’ll need it for those. (It’s also what you’ll use to seam up the sides of sweaters and anywhere you’ll be stitching 2 selvedge edges together.

Invisible Seam

If you watched the video, you can see that the mattress stitch creates an invisible seam. No Frankenstein stitches here! If not, well, now you know. It’s kind of hard to explain the steps without demonstrating, so you really should watch it. (You can turn on captions if you need the sound off) What are you waiting for? Go get that tapestry needle and try it out!


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