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A Korean Street Market

What even is a 3/8 Market?

When we first moved to Camp Humphreys (or to be more accurate, when we first got out of quarantine and were living in a hotel #pandemicpcs) I heard several people talk about going to a market in “The Ville” and some of my friends that used to live here told me to check out the 3/8 Market.

Now, this is my first time living outside of the US, and I was very overwhelmed with house hunting and everything else, along with my kids being in virtual school for the first time. It took me a little bit, but I finally figured out that The Ville is the area outside of the USFK Camp Humphreys Pedestrian gate, and the 3/8 market is a farmer’s market that takes place on every day of the month that ends in a 3 or 8. Not too complicated after all!

A map of The Ville in Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do. Near Camp Humphreys, Korea.
Screenshot from Kakao Maps, 2021

Since I live off post, I usually park in the public lot in between the Anjeon-ri gate and the Walk-in (pedestrian) gate. You pay with credit card when you leave and it’s charged based on how long you were there. It’s about 1000 won per hour.

Exchange your USD

Speaking of Won, you’ll need some if you want to buy things at the market. There’s a currency exchange right behind the first Turkish kebab place (there are 3 really close together. Weird, I know, and yes, I’ve tried all of them. MG has the best falafel. But I digress.) Take whatever cash you want to convert and they’ll give you KRW at the current exchange rate. Easy peasy.

A map showing where the currency exchange is.

Watch the video at the top to see the market in action! It was much less crowded than usual that day, probably because I went in the afternoon.

You will find the best produce - much fresher an cheaper that at the commissary, as well as other assorted grocery items and some cool street food. My favorite is the hotteok in the fall and winter.

Living in Korea has been an amazing experience so far, even with a lot of restrictions because of good ol’ Covid-19. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself how lucky I really am.

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