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KFB Tutorial

Easy enough for a beginner

Today I'm going to teach you a simple knitting increase. You definitely want to know at least one kind, because eventually knitting nothing except for flat rectangular objects is going to get kind of boring. I'm demonstrating this on the same football pattern as what I mentioned in my "Joining in the Round" post, so you can head over and check that out if you want to know how to do that. Don't let it freak you out though; it does not have to be in the round for this method.

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How to Increase with KFB

“Knit front and back” means that you knit into the front of the stitch just like normal, but instead of slipping it off the end of the left needle right away, you want to bring a little bit more slack to that stitch that you worked, come around to the back, and knit through the back loop. Then you wrap the yarn around, pull it through very carefully - sometimes it can be kind of tight. I always use my thumbnails to pull it down so I don't lose it. then you slide it off.

Then there is an extra stitch! This increase stitch has a bit of a purl bump on it and that's why this is also sometimes called the "bar increase."

If you want to follow along with the creation of this football, go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss anything. I'll be adding all of the videos of techniques used in the pattern to this playlist, so go check it out!


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