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Attaching Ears

Updated: Mar 19

Map it Out

Before you stitch anything down, of course you always need to decide exactly where you want it to be. Get both ears and the head and simply hold them in place, moving them around until they’re spaced properly, and then turn it to the side to check if they should be moved forward or back. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, place stitch markers or safety pins on the head, where the edges of the ears will be.

Start Sewing

Thread the yarn that’s still attached to the ear onto a tapestry needle and stick it right into that spot you marked on the head. You want the corners to be really secure, so go through that first stitch twice. Here you will use the same technique that we did for closing up the head, so for a review, go back to this blog post.

How to Make Sure it Stands Up:

This is a double-sided ear and we want it to stand up on its own. The way to accomplish that is to stitch across just one side, and then stitch across the other side just a tiny bit away from your first row of stitching. I also like to take any extra yarn tails that are hanging out and tuck them inside of the ear to give it just a little puff without actually being stuffed. When my daughter was watching me edit the video, she said she had always wondered what made the ears feel like that. So now you know too!

Hold it Up with your thumb

Instead of holding it down flat while you’re sewing, and just hoping it pops up once you’re done, I find that it helps to prop it up from behind with your thumb, like in the picture above.

Burying the Tail

Once each ear is fully sewn on, just tie a little knot at the corner and insert the needle right into that point and pull it out on the other side of the head. Pull the yarn tight, trim, let go, and watch it disappear! It’s just like magic.

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for the next and final post in this series, where we’ll be sewing on the rest of the body parts. A good way to make sure you don’t miss it is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on notifications, or get on my email list via the form below.


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