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Jenny's Super-Stretchy Bind-Off Tutorial

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

There are a bunch of different ways to bind off. Some are fancy, some are invisible, some are stiff and some are stretchy. Today I’m focusing on one of the stretchy ones. I like Jenny’s Super Stretchy Bind Off to finish off ribbing on sleeve cuffs, neckbands, and anywhere else I need a lot of stretch. It’s surprisingly simple, and if you already know how to do a basic bind-off you’ll pick it up in no time.

To start, get a needle that’s a few sizes smaller than you’ve been using to knit with. Trust me. I know normally the challenge is to make sure you’re not binding off too tight, but for this one, you want it nice and tight for that stretch recovery.

In the video, I’m demonstrating on a k1p1 rib, but it will work on any other combination too. Start by knitting (or purling) the first stitch like normal, then do a yarn over before working the next stitch, sticking with the pattern already established.

1, 2, and 3, steps showing how to do a yarn over in knitting.
This is the yarn over you’ll do before a purl. End with the yarn in front.

The part where it’s a little funny is that before a knit, you’ll do a backwards yarn over, and a regular one before a purl.

a close-up of knitting hands, demonstrating a backwards yarn over
A backwards yarn over, which you’ll do before a knit, ending with the yarn in back.

Then you slip those 2 stitches over the last stitch and keep going.

close-up photo of p2so
Pass 2 stitches over by inserting your left needle into them like this and lifting them over that last stitch. Then drop them.

See? Easy. If you give it a try, please share your results with me! You can tag me on Instagram @becca.j.norman


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